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Premier Painting Ltd. can handle all types of exterior painting demands, residential and business.  Whether you need a single home or an entire appartment building repainted, we are here to help.  We emphasize excellent preparation and high quality standards applied with time-tested techniques.   Our goal is to have a repeat customer and this means that we work hard to ensure that you receive exactly what you contracted us to do and more. 

Customers are often surprised by the amount of preparation that we perform before we even begin painting the exterior of a building.  We understand that in order for the paint to last as many years as possible, we have to prepare the substrate so that the paint will adhere firmly to it. 


1)  Wash - Exterior is either hand washed or powerwashed depending on the circumstances to remove dirt or mildew
2)  Surface Preparation - All loose paint is scraped off and glossy areas are scuff sanded.  Gaps are caulked to prevent water instrusion.  Nail holes are filled.
3) Paint - Any repaired areas are primed and high quality paint is applied by spray, roller, brush or any combination of the three methods.
4)  Cleaning - Cleanup is performed daily as well as at the completion of our work.  All materials are neatly packed up and removed and touch up paint is carefully marked.
5)  Inspection- We invite the customer to inspect the work to ensure that you are fully satisfied.  Remember, you dont pay until you are fully satisfied.

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