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About us
We are a local, owner-operated company.    We know we are one of many companies serving the Victoria area.   We appreciate your business and work hard to ensure you are glad you selected us.  
With so many painting companies in Victoria, B.C. to choose from, deciding which one to hire can be confusing.   We recommended that you
*   call in three companies for on site formal estimates
*   ask lots of questions. 
*   select companies that have a business license, carry WCB, carry insurance and have been around for at least 5 years. 
*   go with your gut feeling because it is usually right. 
Here are a few reasons why we believe that hiring our company offers the best value possible:

Committment to Excellence:  

We have a high commitment to excellence.  That committment translates to superior performance on each and every job.  We maintain a very close relationship with the customer throughout all stages of the project.  Other companies send an estimator who might make promises that are not adequately communicated to those actually doing the work.  Since our owner is also our estimator, such miscommunications cannot happen.

Committment to Quality:

We understand that repeat business is the key to our success and that repeat business happens only when a high level of quality is maintained.  The owner supervises each stage of the project ensuring details such as prep work that is impeccable to maximize adhesion of paint to the substrate.   Only materials of the highest quality are used.   Selection of the appropriate material for the job is critical.  For example, some projects might be best served by a Flood Stain, others by an elastomeric latex.  We will strive to determine the best product to apply and make sure that it is applied expertly.

Premier Painting has mantained a high level of repeat business in Victoria, B.C. mainly through word of mouth advertising. We acheive this through our excellent commitment to quality, service and affordablility.

For your free Estimate Call Us at (778) 676 6665  or email us at

Are you a professional in home beautification and renovations living in the Victoria area?    Are you interested in exploring the possibility of joining our team?  

If you have
*    the skills to deliver any of the services we offer
*    at least two years of experience
*    excellent references

Contact ERIC by phone or email to ask about an interview.  

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